Tree Pruning from the Experts

Professional tree cutting and pruning services know exactly what they're doing and it involves so much more than random cutting of leaves and branches here and there. Of course there are pruning tasks that don't require professionals, just grab a pruner or saw and the job is done but everything else should be left to those professionals. Experts say that there are certain portions, amounts and times for the perfect pruning and trimming.

Trimming and pruning, though extremely similar and both basically have something to do with tree cutting, have different meanings. If we say trimming we mean the grooming of the tree but when we say pruning we mean the health of the tree and the safety of all people and structures around it.

Cutting Classifications

Tree Pruning for Suwanee and trimming services have four major classifications; two involve trimming and the rest involves pruning. First we have something called fine pruning, it's basically used to improve the appearance of the tree. Next is something called the standard pruning where the service revolves around the tree's structure and how to improve it.

Safety pruning or hazard pruning would be the third classification, this service mainly does branch removal because of safety factors; whenever branches grow too low to a point that it may cause danger then the tree needs to be pruned. Lastly, our fourth classification is something called crown reduction; the branches found on top and at the side of trees are cut off. Crown reduction is done in order to prevent branches from going to utility lines or causing damage to roofs, another benefit is to let sunlight and air to get to all the inner branches.

The Right Pruning

When tree pruning and trimming are done by professionals, expect it to be done effectively and efficiently. By deciding to do the service on your own, it might not be efficient but still do keep in mind to avoid using climbing spurs since it damages the bark or trunk of the tree. Thicker and heavier branches have to be split into sections, the bark stays intact when you do and See more.

Proper Time for Pruning

During any time of the year, tree trimming and pruning services are available but it still depends on the kind of tree you have. If your tree is a flowering tree that begins to bloom in the spring time, then you can have it trimmed or pruned shortly after it starts to flower. The handful of flowering trees that bloom during the summer time needs to be pruned in early spring instead. As stated by the experts, your fruit-bearing trees should be pruned sometime at the end of winter, this lets the sunlight reach the centre of the tree and give a better shape to the fruit.
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